I'm Øystein Runde. This is the Runde Show: WUNDERDOG.

From my drawing table in Oslo I call scientists and artists from all over the world to ask them questions. I'm usually a comics artist, not a scientist, so I'm an underdog compared to them all, but I'm still good at wondering. And I want my listeners to feel a sense of hope ... and wonder! And so was WUNDERDOG born. 

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On my Patreon you can get English pdfs of my comic books Stem Cells and The Saga of Olav Sleggja. Most of my other books are in Norwegian, but with Wunderdog, where I talk to scientists I admire about stuff I'm curious about, I finally get to make an English-language product for the world. 

Professor Philip Lubin from NASA

Talking about Breakthrough Starshot, a giant laser intended to push probes out of our solar system at staggering speeds)

Dr. Cynthia Phillips from NASA JPL

Talking about NASAs plans to explore Jupiter's volcanic, but ice-covered moon Europa, widely considered a great place to look for extraterrestrial life)

Professor James Fallon

& Dr. Jakob Løvstad

James is well known for discovering with a brain scan that he has a psychopath's brain. Jakob was a programmer and felt a bit too nerdy, started Norway's first MMA gym, became a pro fighter - and here, let's mention that I've known Jakob for years and he never bothered to tell me that he's fought UFC legend Michael Bisping - and then Jakob became a psychologist.

Dr. Robin Hanson

An economist well respected for his work on prediction markets and for inventing the term "the great filter", popularized by among others Elon Musk, Hanson's fascinating book Age of Em describes how mind upload technology might impact civilization. In this long episode we focus on mind uploads, even though Hanson is a cornucopia of wild ideas. You can find more talks from Hanson here and his blog is here)

Dr. Ana Bonaca

Astronomer specializing in the structure of our galaxy, Ana made a startling discovery that could be taken straight out of a sci-fi comic (and soon will be). 

Vinay Gupta

Existential risk consultant and CEO of www.mattereum.com, Vinay speaks one hour about his planned "digital layer over everything", Mattereum, and then about his big ambition: Better refugee camps for our future's climate refugees.

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