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Øystein Runde is a multidisciplinary artist from the West coast of Norway. 

As a writer or writer-artist, he has 12 graphic novels to his name, in a wide array of genres, some of which he invented himself. He's also illustrated 13 childrens fantasy books, and written and/or drawn for a range of newspapers and magazines.

He has one book out in English, Moscow, a travelogue with Ida Neverdahl. A review here says "the result is a pure delight", while one here calls it "a hilarious travelogue with a unique approach, combining the talents of two writer/artists."

In his podcast Wunderdog he interviews scientists, thinkers and artists. The guests have ranged from NASA people to a physics professor to reknowned futurists like Robin Hanson and Anders Sandberg. The topics are usually discoveries, inventions or ideas - explained by the people who had them. 


An all-ages fact comic that takes you from the basics of what a cell is and what DNA does ... and on to more fancy stuff, like how scientists can now reverse matured cells into "immature" stem cells, and how scientists are 3d printing parts of bones to help people heal.